Region One Spring Extravaganza Keynote Speaker
TLA- Teacher Day Collaboration Speech
Award Winning Librarians Discussion Panel
CCISD Setting The Trend Opening Speaker
TASLA Today's School Library Speaker

TCEA - Take-Home Makerspace Presentation
SLJ Leadership Summit - Keynote Speaker

TLA Presentation 2016

Why Makerspaces are so important!
This a presentation presented to Pasadena ISD librarians. Valerie Loper, a high school librarian, Erin Irvine, a middle school librarian, and myself an elementary librarian shared the trials and celebrations in creating and sustaining a makerspace.

This a makerspace presentation I presented with Erin Irvine at What's Trending In CCISD Conference. Shannon Miller was the guest speaker. I was pleased to hear her talk about the importance of student voice and connecting to the global world as an educator. Hearing her speak is always refreshing.

This is another presentation I presented on using Pebblego as a library resource and using Interactive e-Books for numerous educational reasons in the classroom. I presented this workshop with Norm Berning, we were able to collaboratively explain all of the perks of the Pebblego database and the importance of interactive e-Books.

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