Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review: GRIT

Before you read the book check out Angela Duckworth's TED talk on grit. This will give you a quick background on the new "it" word and it's importance. The bottom line is you need grit to succeed. Duckworth describes grit as a combination of perseverance and passion. It's not just talent that catapults individuals to success, effort counts more. Failure is okay, if you use it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. But, too often failure becomes a permanent excuse to never try again. In the world of education, the importance of grit and growth mindset are often discussed as vehicles to drive student success. This book gives examples of individuals in many different industries to support this thought. The author takes it a step farther and explains that grit alone is not enough. The true equation is grit + support = success. So our gritty students need supportive teachers, parents, and environments to flourish. Grit is contagious. This frame of thinking can strengthen teams, workplaces, schools and more. Read the book, it's a real page turner.

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