Saturday, September 19, 2015

Robot Books and More

Robots are a great way for students to learn more about coding, circuits, and more. Students have the opportunity to invent and create when working with robots. Grit, and perseverance will be needed from students working with robots. Failure and frustration are a part of the tinkering and creating.

This year robots are the theme of my library's makerspace. Students will be given the tools to create a robot. Then they will learn of the resources to create and invent their own robot using recycled materials. The robots will be required to move and perform one task. Students will create a brief presentation explaining how their robot operates and information they learned in the process of creating their robot. Students will share this information at a Mini-Maker Faire hosted by Make magazine.

To get students inspired to create a robot, I will share a list of robot themed books.

Little Robot
Image result for little robot book
Baby Brains and Robomom
Image result for baby brains and robomom

Boy and Bot 

Image result for Boy and Bot

House of Robots
Image result for house of robots
Frank Einstein

Image result for frank einstein and the antimatter motor

Creating a robot on-line 
Check out this abcya web-site so students can create a virtual robot. This is a quick and easy way to introduce robots to students.

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