Monday, September 7, 2015

Mathical Book Award

There are so many book awards, but this new one, the Mathical Book Award, is needed because there is nothing else out there like it. STEM books are all the rage right now as schools focus on amplifying the instruction and rigor of these subjects.  But the Mathical Book Award recognizes the best book that motivates children ranging from toddlers to teens to connect with and see Mathematics everywhere. The award is sponsored by Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and the Children's Book Council (CBC). This award is open to all genres. Any book that makes Mathematics more relative, comprehensible, and inspiring is an added bonus to any classroom. This award will make the selection of Mathematical themed books a little easier for this librarian. Here's a list of the books that I have purchased and will purchase for my elementary library.

Have You Seen My Dragon

Image result for One big pair of underwear
One Big Pair of Underwear

Image result for really big numbers

Really Big Numbers

Image result for zero the hero

Zero the Hero

Image result for Bedtime math this time its personal
Bedtime Math: This Time It's Personal

Image result for Blockhead: the life of fibonacci
Blockhead the Life of Fibonacci

Image result for Edgar Allan poe's pie

Edgar Allan Poe's Pie

Image result for Numbed

Image result for The rookie bookie
The Rookie Bookie

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