Wednesday, July 22, 2015

STEM Makerspace Lesson: Zip Lines

TEKS Science 1st grade 6(d) Force, Motion, and Energy: Observe and describe the ways that objects can move such as in a straight line, zigzag, up and down, back and forth, round and round, and fast and slow

Objective: Students will observe a demonstration of objects moving in a straight line.


Collaborate with your Art Teacher, students could make a superhero stick figure in Art Class

Image result for balloons public domain

Balloon Pump

Fishing Line

Masking Tape


One parent volunteer to get the balloons and tape ready for each race

The Astonishing Secrets of Awesome Man
Image result for the astonishing secret of awesome man

(Set-up 2 zip lines before students arrive.)

1. Have students talk about the Super Hero they created in Art Class.
2. Can their super hero fly? (Have them model with their super hero can fly and have them talk about the direction they are flying zigzag, up and down, back and forth, round and round, and fast and slow
3. Introduce the book: The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man
4. Tell them Awesome Man can fly too. As you listen to the story find out the direction he flight (straight)
5. Once the story is over tell the students we are going to make their super hero fly
6. We will have students demonstrate 2 at a time their super hero flying. But, we are not racing. We are looking at this demonstration scientifically. We are looking at the conditions that would change the result.
7. Let them observe three times before you change things or observe various factors...the size of the balloon. Will the larger balloon go faster or slower than the smaller one and explain why? Which one will go farther and why?

Students will tour the Graphic Novel section, where they can find more super hero books.

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