Friday, July 24, 2015

STEM Maker Program: Comet Matter for 2nd Grade

TEKS: 2nd grade Science 5 Matter and Energy (A) classify matter by physical properties, including shape, relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, and whether material is a solid or liquid
Objective: Students will review the states of matter and learn the parts of a comet as they learn about a library database.

Expository Non-Fiction Books on Comets

One Cup of Dirt
A Handful of Pillow Stuffing or Cotton

One Potato
Ice Cubes in a water resistance container

5 Self Made Mystery Boxes big enough for each secret ingredient to fit in each box

Science Journals or Notebooks

Tell students that 5 mystery boxes have been delivered to the library and all the boxes together make one thing. There job is to feel the contents of each box and write down in their journal what they think is inside each mystery box. (But they can not look inside. I tell them, it will be more fun if they don't peek!)
Every student will observe each box and describe the contents of each box
Students will discuss how they think the boxes are connected.
Tell students about an on-line encyclopedia and how it can help them find answers to their questions.
Show students how to access the resource.
Look up Comet and try and find a video, so they can see the movement of a comet.
Ask them if they want to change the results of their discussion.
Tell them the boxes are parts of a comet.
In groups let them list the part of the comet each box represents and explain why it's a comet.

Closure: Let groups come up with a dance to show how a comet moves around in space. Let groups share their dance with the class.

This was a fun lesson to share with students. One of the homeroom teachers, participated in the dance with her students! They don't have to be in second grade to use this lesson I based this lesson on a Nasa Educator Page I found on-line. You can customize this lesson for your students.

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