Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level

As an educator I've asked many times, how can I motivated my students? I think Genius Hour or 20% time may help answer that question. Pure Genius reminded me of the importance of student voice, collaboration and leadership. 20% Time or Genius Hour gives students a chance to discover their passion and learn more about it, create something and then share it with the world. Allowing students choice will empower their voice and it will help build leadership. If students learn how to be effective leaders they will learn how to build up leadership in others and it will be an infectious great learning environment. Collaboration has always been an important part of my library program. But, I was always concerned about collaborating with the teachers as they brought students to the library. To prepare students for the real world we need to make students collaborators and they need to experience learning from experts outside of the building. As things are ever changing in this fast past world students need to see their instructors and teachers are learners too and can learn new things with them and from them.

This is an informative book to help plan a Genius Hour program. It also does a great job of giving other resources to look at as your building your program. It has a lot of the same educational philosophies found in current professional development Makerspace and STEM books. 

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