Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mini-Maker Faire

We've been running the makerspace for almost 4 months now. We are setting into a routine. Students know as soon as they come in for alternative recess or to maker club they need to pick a station to work at for the entire time. I see the importance of switching out the activities and not always offering the same activities so boredom doesn't set in. I'm constantly recruiting to get more students to try makerspace espcially the ones who don't think it's their "cup of tea." Making is for more than just little Scientist and Engineers, it's for the creative types too.

So know that we've been running awhile, it's time to set up a Mini-Maker Faire to show off student work. Every student was given an opportunity to participate, but this is an optional event. I predict we will get better projects if students are participating because they want to and not have to participate. So far we have about 15 projects that will be displayed and shared in a week.

In preparation of the event this week writing an oral presentation was a station offered at makerspace. The guidelines for the presentation are the following; state your name and grade level, name of your project, materials used, state driving question/ in depth interest that prompted you to create your project, in depth state one thing you learned, demonstrate/ share your project, closing statement. The bulk of the work on these projects was done at home. It will be a great moment to see the students shine as they share their work. Later this week they will come to the library to practice their presentations. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

3D Hand

There is an amazing non-profit program the helps children get a 3D hand. Our school is in the process of becoming an enable the future printer. First we have to successfully print a hand and put it together. We are in the process of watching Youtube videos how to put the hand together. In May we are going to have a special program where a child who recieved will let us know how Enable the Future has positively affected his life. Then students are going to be put into groups so we can print a hand. So far the instructions are set up well. But, it's hard to find the time to get it done.