Monday, March 30, 2015

3D Printing

When it first arrived, I was terrified. I had never used a 3D printer before and I was worried I would break it. That didn't happen, I became more comfortable with it the more I used it. It reminds me a lot of the microwave when they first came out. Everyone wanted one and couldn't live with out it once it became a part of ones life.

Now I want my students and fellow teachers to become comfortable with this new technology. I want students to use this resource as a means to invent and create. Tinkercad is a free-online program that allows students to take lessons and create their own inventions. It's best if parents set up their child's account because they need to verify their child's account. If a parent doesn't verify the child's account the account will not last more than 10 days.

I have seen students create some amazing things using Tinkercad, a Makerbot 3D printer, and their imagination.This project was created using the student's imagination and Tinkercad. It took her an hour to design the project on Tinkercad and more than 2 hours to print on the Makerbot. I thought it was going to take lots of filament to print this design, but it didn't. She was pleased with her work and so was everyone else.

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