Saturday, January 31, 2015

Creating a Makerspace Library

My school recently became an E-STEM Magnet School. I wanted the library to remain a central place to find resources and answers. Creating a makerspace this year allows the library to become a place where students can create and invent. The library is the place where students can find their STEM identity, discovering their contributions in the fields of Science, Technology, Math and Science. This only happens if students have a place to practice their skills in a non-threatening place like the library. 

To go from a place that just offered resources to a place that give students room to create was not an easy process. Before this summer, I didn't know what a makerspace was nor did the very educated people I work with. So, I needed to educate myself on the tools and purpose of a makerspace and I needed to inform and persuade the decision maker I work with that a makerspace was needed on our new E-STEM campus.

So, I sought the advice on Google and I asked other librarians who already had makerspaces the information I needed to get started.